Guangdong Victory Biotech Co., Ltd.

Guangdong Victory Biotech Co., Ltd.
A leading manufacturer of collagen products



      Guangdong Victory Biotech Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of SHENGUAN HOLDINGS (GROUP) LIMITED, has been focusing on

the research and manufacturing of medical grade type I collagen raw materials and semi-finished products, and have

completely possessed the upstream and downstream technologies of purification and processing of advanced products.


      Victory Biotech has developed a full collagen related product line, such as powder, sheet, sponge, plug, membrane,

cream, slurry and solution, which can be applied to,

1)  Implantable medical devices:

Hemostatic and wound dressing, chronic ulcer wound dressing, GTR membrane for oral/bone tissue regeneration, Dura

membrane and anti-adhesion membrane, which are suitable for general surgery, orthopedics, dentistry and obstetrics.

2)  Medical cosmetic skincare products:

Collagen essence, freeze-dried collagen crystals, which can be applied to the skin moisturizing and repair.

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